Dental Trade Alliance (DTA) Foundation Thanks Centrix for Donation

Dental Trade Alliance (DTA) Foundation Thanks Centrix for Donation

Centrix donates to the DTA Foundation.

In a heartwarming letter from the Dental Trade Alliance, Laura Fleming Doyle, the Executive Director, let us know how much our donation meant, and how important it is to help those with special needs. Their grant project is one that is near and dear to our hearts.

Laura wrote:

“Centrix’s donation in 2017 made a real impact as the DTA Foundation worked to broaden awareness of oral health’s impact on overall health while working to improve access to oral health care in America.

She went on to elaborate, “Without you, the innovative pilot projects and dental student scholarships funded by the DTA Foundation would not be possible. Your kindness and generosity in choosing to support the dental industry’s foundation is very much appreciated.”

Watch this video to see how our contribution is making a difference to families with special needs children through this DTA Foundation funded grant project. 

To learn more about Centrix donations, grants and scholarship programs, visit our Corporate Responsibility page or call 800,235.5862.

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