4 Reasons Why Hygienists Love Centrix FluoroDose Fluoride Varnish

4 Reasons Why Hygienists Love Centrix FluoroDose Fluoride Varnish

Our company continues to introduce original and inventive dental products certain to become the new standard in our industry. Such is the case with award-winning Centrix FluoroDose®, the unit-dose fluoride varnish available in 5 delicious flavors that is easy to use and easy on your patients.

In a recent interview with Dental Product Shopper, dental hygienist Donna Brogan broke down the advantages of using Centrix FluoroDose as follows:

  • FluoroDose is smooth, not stringy or clumpy so it won’t clog vacuum lines
  • It stays clear so there is no tooth discoloration
  • It dries in seconds upon contact with saliva
  • FluoroDose remains on the tooth for 6-8 hours for optimum fluoride uptake!

Brogan further explains why hygienists should try FluoroDose, “It goes on very easily without clumping on the brush or in the mouth. It is thin on the teeth and doesn’t stick to soft tissue. FluoroDose is much better received by all ages than varnishes that came before it. FluoroDose is also the least expensive unit-dose varnish on the market. How often is the least expensive the best?”

The DPS article concludes, “She’s heard from many dental professionals that they prefer the patient experience with FluoroDose, and are thus providing more patients with preventive varnish treatments. This increases production in the hygiene rooms, while also increasing the practice’s bottom line by providing excellent ROI.”

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