Centrix is proud to announce that E-Lieve received “New Product” focus in Dental Product Shopper January Issue

Centrix is proud to announce that E-Lieve received “New Product” focus in Dental Product Shopper January Issue

Soothing relief for minor soft-tissue irritation before, during, and after procedures

Even with the advent of modern dental treatments, many common dental procedures can still cause secondary issues such as damaged, irritated and painful soft tissue around the mouth or gingiva. Rubber dam use often leaves lips and the corners of the mouth dried, cracked and painful. Whitening or teeth bleaching can cause gingival inflammation and teeth sensitivity; and orthodontic appliances often cause irritation of the mucosa of the cheeks.

Relieving Discomfort with Vitamin E
Centrix’s E-Lieve is a topical Vitamin E treatment that provides immediate relief to soft-tissue irritation. Be¬cause E-Lieve is a moisturizer, it absorbs into the tissue and has an anti-inflammatory effect when applied on damaged or inflamed tissue. It also acts as an antioxi¬dant by protecting cell membranes from oxidation, which can damage healthy gingiva.

“Vitamin E is a powerful antioxidant that helps heal tissue, and there are many published papers on its ben¬efits,” said Pamela J. Keegan, Product Manager for Cen¬trix. “Some studies show that its application soothes gingival inflammation and cuts down on bleeding.”

E-Lieve can be used to relieve irritation and discom¬fort during many common dental procedures, such as deep scaling or cleaning around ortho brackets. It also is ideal when applied to a patient’s lips before rub¬ber dam placement to help lubricate, moisturize, and prevent irritation and damage to soft tissue—especially during longer procedures.

“E-Lieve is great to use before, during, and after any dental procedure,” said Keegan. “It soothes damaged gingival tissue, moistens dry lips, protects soft tissue, and provides patients with relief from irritated tissue”

E-Lieve’s unit-dose tube packaging allows for easy in-office application as well as take-home use, so there is no need to cut open Vitamin E gel tablets for a messy and awkward application. Each E-Lieve tube contains one single dose (0.5 mL) of Vitamin E, which eliminates cross-contamination and waste, provides easy cleanup, and simplifies inventory control.

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