Dr. Marian Fanica Case Study Features Many Centrix Products

Dr. Marian Fanica Case Study Features Many Centrix Products

Left: Etching gel is also applied on the dentin. | Right: The patient’s initial radiograph.

We are excited to announce the release of a new article titled “How to complete direct restorative cases with confidence” published in Dental Products Report’s June issue.

In this published case study, Dr. Marian Fanica DDS uses a variety of Centrix products to tackle a difficult case for a sensitive patient and concludes with a great final restoration.

Overview: The patient, male, 42 years old, presented in office with multiple problems. Dr. Fanica states, “We decided to start with something easy to gain confidence from the patient, who described himself as having dental phobia. On clinical inspection, an occlusal decay was observed on tooth No.15 . The tooth responded positive to vitality tests, and the patient described it as asymptomatic in the past.” In conclusion DPR notes, “This was a tricky case with a sensitive patient, but the end result was a good one for both the clinician and the patient.”

To read the full case study, go to Dental Products Report.

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