Dr. Marty Zase Loves Access Edge!

Dr. Marty Zase Loves Access Edge!

Dr. Marty Zase, from Colchester, CT, sings his praises for Access Edge, our Kaolin Clay Gingival Retraction Paste: “I use this product every single day in my practice, and honestly I wouldn’t want to practice without it!”

Access Edge is a high-viscosity, kaolin clay-based gingival retraction paste. It contains kaolin clay, to gently separate the gingiva from the tooth, plus aluminum chloride to help control bleeding and prevent seepage. Access Edge is injected subgingivally or packed around the tooth, then left in place for a minimum of 2 minutes. As the paste dries, Access Edge creates gentle, yet effective retraction to open the sulcus. The aluminum chloride and kaolin clay act to control bleeding and prevent seepage, keeping the sulcus dry.

  • Atraumatic gingival retraction without packing cord
  • Dual astringent/hemostatic action – 15% aluminum chloride and kaolin clay
  • Can be used as a second cord in a “2-cord technique”
  • Removes easily and rinses away
  • Convenient prefilled unit-dose tips eliminate cross-contamination
  • Individually packaged in foil pouches to keep material fresh
  • Can be used anytime a hemostatic is indicated
  • Made in the USA

At Centrix we make dentistry easier!

For more information, call (800) 235-5862 or visit https://www.centrixdental.com/access-edge.html

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