Early Gifts that Make Dentistry Easier for Your Staff

Early Gifts that Make Dentistry Easier for Your Staff

Samantha Negraval, of Dental Product Shopper, recently posted a blog featuring two of our favorite products: FluoroDose® fluoride varnish, and NoCord™ VPS Impressioning System.

Samantha writes, “With the holidays quickly approaching, many dentists will begin to think of what they might purchase for their staff as a way of saying “thank you.” Before you consider out-of-office gifts, think in-office: what can you purchase now that might make their lives a bit easier in 2019?”

Our top-selling and award winning FluoroDose fluoride varnish gets top marks from THE DENTAL ADVISOR. We’ve won the top slot for 4 years in a row, and we have a good hunch that we’ve secured that spot again in 2019. Stay tuned for that announcement!

NoCord VPS is a product that is revolutionary, technique friendly, saves real time, real money and captures clear accurate detailed margins.

Read more on these two TOP products in the Centrix lineup here:


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