Give Your Patients the Very Best

Give Your Patients the Very Best

We are excited to announce that FluoroDose Won TOP Fluoride Varnish 6 Years in a Row from Dental Advisor! Patients of all ages love the 5 great flavors and that it goes on smooth and stays clear.

FluoroDose has less volume than many other fluoride varnishes, and consultants thought it was just the right amount for a single patient treatment without waste. The varnish applies smoothly without clumping and dries clear. The colorful LolliPack packaging was visually appealing to children. Adults and children found the four flavors to be pleasant. 

Dental Advisor

Since February is National Kids Dental Health Month, FluoroDose is a great addition to your pediatric patient’s oral health care routine. Learn more about FluoroDose in the Dental Advisor’s Evaluation.

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