“Beyond… Just Restoring Teeth.”

“Beyond… Just Restoring Teeth.”

Dr. Alan Pressman focuses on the whole-patient experience in his Spring Valley, New York practice.

A new fan of NoCord VPS, Dr. Alan F. Pressman of Springs Valley, NY, (Boston University Dental School graduate) was interviewed by the Dental Product Shopper about why he now uses NoCord VPS in his practice. Dr. Pressman prides himself on “innovation and state of the art dentistry,”combining traditional and new approaches in his practice to provide excellent restorative outcomes with optimal patient experiences. Of particular importance is making indirect restorations easier and better for both patients and the clinical team.

“Combining NoCord with intraoral scanning has really streamlined the impression-taking process in our practice. When not using an intraoral scanner, NoCord ensures an accurate impression that captures fine subgingival detail. One reason for the improved detail is that “the MegaBody tray material is pretty stiff—stiffer than most heavy body material. The stiff material displaces gingival tissue, forcing the wash into the sulcus, and captures detail very well. You will see those margins. In addition, using NoCord improves patient comfort during the impression-taking process.”

For many cases where one cannot use the scanner due to deep margins, bleeding or tissue that quickly closes back onto the tooth, NoCord presents a better analog option. The combination of a highly accurate VPS material with a patented way to incorporate a hemostatic agent provides new and unmatched capabilities for dentists. Many users continue to use their traditional retraction techniques but like the assurance the NoCord provides. Many more users find that NoCord offers new ways to making Impressioning easier and faster with the same quality results. 

In Dr. Pressman’s practice, the team focuses on the total patient experience, with a particular sensitivity to post op pain, and being minimally invasive in their treatment approaches. He combines the tech advancements of intraoral scanning and analog impressioning. “The amazing thing about NoCord is that, with cases involving minimal to moderate bleeding, you don’t need to use a hemostatic agent. Although I’m a true believer in laser dentistry and I sometimes use a retraction paste with a gingival retraction cap, these steps take extra time, sometimes adding 10 to 15 minutes to the procedure. In most cases, NoCord eliminates those extra steps.”

NoCord VPS is a one-step impression technique material where accuracy, simplicity and ‘making dentistry easier’ come first.

“The time we’ve saved by using NoCord improved our production and ultimately increased the ROI of our practice.”

To check out the full article with Dr Pressman, visit dentalproductshopper.com/article/why-i-use-nocord-vps.

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